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            歡迎來到一諾新材料科技(菏澤)有限公司官方網站! 在線留言 | 聯系我們 | 關于我們
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            地 址:山東省菏澤市成武縣茍村集鎮經濟開發區家具產業園32號 郵 箱:ynhug@126.com



            一諾公司用營銷的思想搞研發,用營銷的思想做市場,堅信先有需求后有市場 ,先有產品后有企業,以客戶的需求作為我們企業的研發方向。生產出的橡膠制品類脫模劑、隔離劑。金屬壓鑄類脫模劑、聚氨酯脫模劑、摩擦材料脫模劑,清洗劑等產品,廣泛應用于國內眾多知名廠家并受到了一致的好評與認可。 一諾秉承重諾、守信、求實、創新”的宗旨,竭誠為廣大廠家提供高品質的產品和全方位的服務。

                  Yinuo New Material Technology (Heze) Co., Ltd. (formerly Tengzhou Yinuo Chemical Co., Ltd.) is a new material technology enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.Yinuo was established in 2007. Its main business is the research and development and sales of release agents and release agents for products in various fields.After 16 years of precipitation, the new factory was established in 2022, with a factory area of ??about 5,500 square meters, 12 sets of updated production equipment, and a designed production capacity of 20 tons per day.Relying on well-known foreign companies and well-known domestic universities, the company is based on the research and development and application of release agents and release agent series products, and strives to meet the needs of customers.Yinuo Company is based in the technological field of release agents and release agents. It firmly believes that technology wins and talents win. It has established close technical cooperation relationships with well-known professors and experts in the industry such as domestic professional colleges and universities, and has established a research and development platform focusing on product use experience. , the company has established a high-level experimental analysis laboratory and product research and development center to inject the power of science and technology into product competition.Yinuo Company uses marketing ideas to conduct research and development, and uses marketing ideas to build the market. We firmly believe that first there is demand, then there is the market, first there are products, then there is the company, and we take customer needs as the research and development direction of our company.Release agents and release agents for rubber products produced.Metal die-casting release agents, polyurethane release agents, friction material release agents, cleaning agents and other products are widely used by many well-known domestic manufacturers and have received unanimous praise and recognition.Yinuo adheres to the tenet of "honoring promises, keeping promises, being realistic and innovative" and wholeheartedly provides high-quality products and comprehensive services to the majority of manufacturers.
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